Christmas in July, A rally for the Anna Louise Inn

The phrase “Christmas in July,” usually signals a summertime sale at some major department store. But this July its meaning was entirely different. On July 25th, exactly five months before the day we… Continue reading

3CDC wants to get you drunk (If you have enough money)!

3CDC wants to get you drunk (If you have enough money)! From the Director By: Josh Spring LSW, Executive Director 3CDC claims that by having alcohol sold by them in Washington Park they… Continue reading

Western & Southern satire goes viral… sort of

By Jim Luken The conflict between Anna Louise Inn (ALI) and its Western & Southern Corporate neighbors has been played itself out on these pages for more than a year, but only recently… Continue reading

The monumental conductance displayed and resounded round Cincinnati Music Hall and Exposition Center.

As stated in previous articles remarking on the boom years of Cincinnati, by the latter part of the nineteenth century the increase of the railroad over river transport signaled a wane forthcoming as… Continue reading

Streetvibes Autobiography: Ricardo Taylor

As dictated to Jamillah Luqman My name is Ricardo Taylor; I am 50 years old. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I grew up in what is now called Coryville. I… Continue reading

From the Director: Hope

By:  Josh Spring LSW, Executive Director Hope is such a powerful word.  Really it is more of a deep sense than just a word.  For many hope is fuel- it is what propels… Continue reading

National News Briefs

One of the officers charged in the death of Kelly Thomas, a man experiencing homelessness and mental illness in Fullerton, Calif., is now facing a second lawsuit for alleged brutality against a different… Continue reading

Jobs Crisis in Ohio

By MARK GRAUHUIS When the 1891 depression brought misery to millions, Jacob Coxey, an Ohio businessman, marched to the Capitol in April of 1894 with an army of 500 to lobby Congress and… Continue reading

New issue out on Friday, June 8th

The Anna Louise Inn, a History

By A. Mann The proven grounds given of decidedly preserving the communally beneficent landmark, addressed as The Anna Louise Inn. In re-approaching the Anna Louise Inn at 300 Lytle Place, a few steps… Continue reading