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Poetry: The Prediction

by Willa Denise Jones What would you do if you could predict your every tomorrow? Remembering that tomorrow never comes, it’s always today, now that can bring some sorrow Thinking of the changes… Continue reading

Poetry: “Hoolieo”

by Willa Denise Jones I ain’t Hoolieo I heard somebody say I ain’t out here conning and tricking people for a raise in pay I’m trying to give others respect as I want… Continue reading

Poetry: My White Tee

by E. Hayden My white Tee that I wear is only a tee… My white Tee that I wear the police say it’s a gang thang… My people say it a way of… Continue reading

Poetry: “Frozen”

by P.E. Quince Sitting; on the pavement back against the wall, her small tattered hand, and five fingers, raised palm up, facing up towards. “GOD.” Sitting there prayerful that, “GOD” will appear in… Continue reading

Poem: Appreciation

by Willa Denise Jones Appreciation is a word that can be reckoned with Appreciation is something we oftentimes consider a myth Appreciation is something I give to God each day for living above… Continue reading

We Remember buddy gray

Decades ago, buddy gray and a group of devoted activists saw an emerging need for social services and housing solutions here in Cincinnati. They began by picking up homeless people off of the… Continue reading

You Could Be Me

A poem by Donald Whitehead Originally published in the Cincinnati Homeless Grapevine, a precursor to Streetvibes