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Christmas in July, A rally for the Anna Louise Inn

The phrase “Christmas in July,” usually signals a summertime sale at some major department store. But this July its meaning was entirely different. On July 25th, exactly five months before the day we… Continue reading

Western & Southern satire goes viral… sort of

By Jim Luken The conflict between Anna Louise Inn (ALI) and its Western & Southern Corporate neighbors has been played itself out on these pages for more than a year, but only recently… Continue reading

National News Briefs

One of the officers charged in the death of Kelly Thomas, a man experiencing homelessness and mental illness in Fullerton, Calif., is now facing a second lawsuit for alleged brutality against a different… Continue reading

Saying No to NATO

 By Jim Luken No Meetup this week, but your intrepid boy-reporter has special story from the City by the Lake. Last fall, as the Occupy Wall Street movement was about to hit its… Continue reading

National News Briefs

By Jesse Call In Colorado Springs, Colorado, two teenagers allegedly shined a flashlight on a man sleeping in a culvert and then shot him twice before fleeing, KRDO reports. Two of the several… Continue reading

Five national news stories to catch up on.

BY: JESSE CALL 1. In New York City, residents of Astoria are standing strong against a proposed hostel that would provide full-time housing to people experiencing homelessness in the community. Since 2006, the… Continue reading

Western & Southern still suing Anna Louise Inn

BY: KYLE HOLSINGER-JOHNSON “Hey hey, ho ho, Western & Southern has got to go” shouted protesters on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 4th and Sycamore downtown.  About 35 protesters gathered outside of the… Continue reading

Climate Activists Call Foul at Rep. Boehner’s Office over Keystone

BY: CHELSEA TUNNELL, Contributing Writer Climate activists fed up with the influence of corporate money on Congress stormed Speaker Boehner’s office in West Chester today wearing striped ref uniforms to “blow the whistle”… Continue reading

OccupyTheHood protests try to save Cincinnati homes

BY: FABIEN TEPPER, Contributing Writer A couple of weeks ago, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Cincinnati’s OccupyTheHood movement led its first public action, a focused, powerful march through Avondale that announced the… Continue reading

Five national news stories to catch up on.

BY: JESSE CALL, Contributing Writer 1. A jury in Athens, Georgia is deciding whether or not to convict a man accused of targeting two women for rape, sodomy, and other sexual battery just… Continue reading