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What’s the big deal about gay marriages?

Jason Haap, Contributing Writer So I just went to my first gay wedding, and it was completely unremarkable. No, those aren’t the right words – but I almost think they should be.  The truth… Continue reading

Cincinnati: An Oligarchy

If there was any doubt in your mind, the struggle over the Anna Louise Inn has given proof once again that we live in an oligarchy.

The Cincinnati Free Press Co.

BY: A. MANN Reflecting upon a wider deliberation of the free press in Cincinnati: A series of rotating columns upon the landmark constitutions and circular distributions of Cincinnati’s public newspapers and periodicals. Of… Continue reading

The magnificent architecture of our City Hall

BY: A. MANN, Contributing Writer This revolving column upon and into Cincinnati area landmarks takes under close consideration the monumental structure of Cincinnati City Hall. Observing Cincinnati City Hall from a current viewpoint… Continue reading