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From the Editor: Streetvibes Needs You!

Dear faithful readers: It is truly an honor to now officially be the Editor of this important institution. As veteran journalist Bill Moyers said, “The news business is killing journalism.” That is why… Continue reading

From the Director: Hope

By:  Josh Spring LSW, Executive Director Hope is such a powerful word.  Really it is more of a deep sense than just a word.  For many hope is fuel- it is what propels… Continue reading

From the Director: We Will Win!

By Josh Spring LSW, Executive Director Our work as a Movement to end and prevent homelessness is always an uphill struggle.  It is not easy.  Those that wish to ignore homelessness or work… Continue reading

Warmth of a caring smile

BY: SUSAN LAKES “Good to see you tonight,” I said as a young woman checked into one of the city’s two cold weather shelters one frigidly cold night. She stopped. Our eyes met,… Continue reading

From the Editor: Join the Streetivbes community.

BY: JASON DEAN Again, thank you for buying this paper, whether this is the first time you’ve ever bought one, or whether you have had years of subscriptions to Streetvibes. You’ve made a… Continue reading

From the Editor: So how’s the new look working out for you?

BY: JASON DEAN, Streetvibes Editor Thank you for purchasing this issue of Streetvibes; by doing so you are providing an economic opportunity for the distributor from whom you acquired this paper and essentially… Continue reading

From the Director: Families In Trouble

BY: JOSH SPRING, GCCH Director Today, Families with Children are the primary face of homelessness in the United States of America.  As we know, families come in all shapes and sizes; two parents,… Continue reading

From the Editor: Strange days, but then aren’t they all?

BY: JASON DEAN, Streetvibes Editor Wednesday January 18, 2012 and Wikipedia goes offline for 24 hours in protest over the SOPA bill, and its cousin PIPA, that threatens to bring huge scale censorship… Continue reading

From the Director: Prevention vs. Response

BY: JOSH SPRING, GCCH Executive Director In 1982 in the whole country in the whole year it was estimated that between 250,000 and 500,000 people experienced homelessness.  Relative to national economics, the Reagan… Continue reading

New year, a new look

BY: JASON DEAN So if you are a regular reader of Streetvibes you have probably noticed that there is something a bitdifferent about the cover, and if you are a new reader then… Continue reading