Advertising with Streetvibes guarantees your business or organization one thing: visibility. Streetvibes papers are sold person-to-person by distributors throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. That means each paper makes it directly into the hands of a reader. Your advertisement will be seen.

Streetvibes creates an opportunity for your business to spread the word while showing support for the community. Future customers will know that you have heart.

Your ad purchase will allow the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless to be able to continue to provide this service to those battling homelessness in your backyard through the Streetvibes program. And, you will continue to provide the community with a source of social justice news they will not read anywhere else and the beautiful poetry, artwork, and otherwise undiscovered talent of our contributors.

Most of all, Streetvibes advertisements are extremely affordable for any business or organization. Even individuals can afford our rates to place a special announcement congratulating a friend or family member on an achievement, wishing someone a happy birthday or anniversary, or taking time to honor the memory of a loved one. On top of that, a 25% discount is also available for 501(c)(3) and (4) non-profit organizations. Frequent advertisers also receive discounts.

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