Monthly Archive: November, 2012

21c Hotel Celebration of Discrimination

Today the ribbon was cut to open a 21c Boutique Hotel.  3cdc displaced 208 people from their homes in order for 21c to open this Boutique Hotel.  The primary cause of homelessness is a lack… Continue reading

Michael Hasting’s is what a real journalist looks like

Starfire volunteers at Julie Hanser Community Garden

By Mimi Rook Mary Julia (Julie) Hanser moved to Cincinnati in 1993 and in her 10 years of life in the city, she built Mercy Healthcare into a profitable, regional healthcare system. More… Continue reading

Remembering Dr.Herbert Shapiro – Scholar, Labor and Civil Rights

By Dan La Botz   Dr. Herbert Shapiro, a Professor of History at the University of Cincinnati, died earlier this month. Shapiro, the author of ten books and more than fifty academic articles,… Continue reading

Is the Portland Loo coming to Cincinnati?

By Jason Happ My mother says I inherited “spastic colon” from her.  That probably sounds rather personal, even unsavory, but it’s true. Sometimes, certain foods trigger a rather explosive need for me to… Continue reading

The Longest War—and Still Going

By Dan La Botz Why is the United States still in Afghanistan eleven years later? What has the war accomplished? What can it accomplish? After eleven years, the Taliban are resurgent and though… Continue reading

The Beehive Design Collective vs. King Coal

By Casey Abernathy The Beehive Design Collective from Machias, Maine drew a crowd of 60+ to discuss king coal at Roh’s Street Cafe. Community members sipped coffee and discoursed about the powerful imagery… Continue reading

October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month

BY Jamillah Luqman October 1st was the kick off date for the beginning of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Ohio; it calls for a Day of Unity. The Day of Unity has been… Continue reading

Strengthening the Coalition

By: Josh Spring LSW, Executive Director   On October 23, 2012, the Homeless Coalition bought the building in which we have been renting the first floor for most of a decade. This is… Continue reading

Cincinnati Living Green

By Mimi Rook Community Garden Development Training Where can people go to learn how to grow and tend a community garden? In Cincinnati, those skills are taught for free at the Civic Garden… Continue reading