By Justin Jeffre

On October 9th Rev. Jessie Jackson spoke at the Rockdale church in Avondale. The civil rights leader spoke about voter suppression. He said it is important for people to vote early because it helps prevent problems that can occur.

Jackson said, “Voter suppression has always been with us in this country throughout our history. For two and a half centuries you couldn’t vote because of race and gender.” According to Jackson Citizen’s United is nullifying honest elections and many of the problems that occurred in Ohio during the 2004 election haven’t been properly addressed.

“In 2004 you had wet people standing in lines and dry machines sitting in a warehouse,” he said. According to Jackson it was “an abomination and a sin to democracy”. He continued, “In Ohio you have a million people taken off of the voter rolls. The fraud was causing fraud by purging and taking people off of the voter rolls. If that would have happened in South Africa we would have decried it as corruption.”

Jackson says that early voting is better than absentee voting. “It gives voters more time to see if there are any problems with their registration,” he said. Jackson also spoke at Cincinnati State in Clifton. The event was hosted by the Baptist Ministers Conference and Think Progress.