From the Editor: Streetvibes Needs You!

Dear faithful readers:

It is truly an honor to now officially be the Editor of this important institution. As veteran journalist Bill Moyers said, “The news business is killing journalism.” That is why independent news outlets like Streetvibes are more important than ever.

As independent media icon and award winning journalist Amy Goodman says, the corporate controlled media is full of blather from pundits that know so little about so much. It’s full of reporters that are too often willing to trade truth for access, to cover for power instead of covering power, and to act for the state instead of as the fourth estate.

Freedom of the press is one of our most fundamental rights for good reason. It is our window to the world, how we know what is happening, why it is important, and what we can do about it. Most importantly, it is how we check those in power and empower those that have been marginalized, silenced, and underserved.

Locally, we see Gannet’s daily paper the Enquirer continuing to shrink in actual size, something it now refers to as “innovation”. The newsroom keeps shrinking, and the good reporters that still work there are working more beats, and they have less time for investigative journalism, have less job security, and simply can’t cover all of the important issues facing our community.

We need a more diverse and democratic media in order to have a more diverse and democratic city. Streetvibes is needed more than ever and you – the people that power this important institution – are needed more than ever in order to help it grow.

This is our challenge, so please contribute to this noble cause however you can. I continue to look to our former Editor Jason Dean for guidance and want to thank all those who support, contribute to, and distribute this paper. Onward!

Justin Jeffre