From the Director: We Will Win!

By Josh Spring LSW, Executive Director

Our work as a Movement to end and prevent homelessness is always an uphill struggle.  It is not easy.  Those that wish to ignore homelessness or work outright to criminalize People experiencing homelessness or even those that work to sustain homelessness, seem hell-bent on accomplishing their goal.  Sometimes you hear Folks say that We will never end or prevent homelessness; that it is too large a problem or those on the other side are too powerful.  Here at the Homeless Coalition, We disagree.

We believe that We, the People are extremely powerful and not only that we are right.  We are right morally, we are right economically, we are right socially, politically, spiritually, psychologically, etc.  This certainly does not mean that everything we do is right, we have plenty of ways we need to improve.  But we are right about the issue.  We are on the side of justice and love.

I am confident that in the end We will triumph over the system that creates and maintains homelessness.  It won’t happen tomorrow, or next week or next year, but it will happen.  We are powerful and we have no desire to back down.  We will make missteps, but we will come together, recalculate and continue to press forward.

We know the truth.  We have seen the pain that homelessness causes.  We have seen how hard it is for so many to avoid homelessness or to exit homelessness.  We have seen how the system seems more setup to maintain homelessness than end it.  We know what organizations work to pro-long homelessness or criminalize People experiencing homelessness.

We know the Truth and the Truth is very powerful.  For some the Truth is a mirror that says change.  For others the Truth builds the energy needed to over-run homelessness.  We must continue to stand by the Truth and we must continue to stand by each other.  We must support one another with the gifts that we have to do so.

We all have a very important role in this uphill struggle.  We cannot allow time to pass without pursuing and acting upon our roles.  We are built to Triumph.