From the Editor: Join the Streetivbes community.


Again, thank you for buying this paper, whether this is the first time you’ve ever bought one, or whether you have had years of subscriptions to Streetvibes. You’ve made a good choice to help people in Cincinnati who are currently, or have at some point, experiencing homelessness, but would you like to use your talents to help even more?

Streetvibes has always relied upon the writing and artistic talents of people who donate some of their time to write articles, stories, and poetry, or submit art and photography; as a non-profit organization the focus of the paper is to keep costs down and pass on the gains to the men and women actually distributing the paper on the streets of Cincinnati. As a result we are constantly on the look out for skilled people such as your self to join our community of Streetvibes contributors.

Contributions to the paper can vary immensely based on the talents of our writers and artists, but local news and issues are constant areas with which we need help. Streetvibes aims to give a voice to those who might over wise go unheard by the Cincinnati mainstream press. Perhaps there is a topic that is close to your heart; some ongoing stories that we follow are: the Anna Louise Inn, environmental issues, the aggressive gentrification of Over-the-Rhine and its effect on long term residents, developments with Occupy Cincinnati, arts and culture in Cincinnati, city council decisions, and so much more.

Email me at to tell me about your talents and we can figure out how best to have you help the paper, and how the paper can best help you. Journalism students are very much encouraged to join our team; this is a great way to get real world experience and build up your resume for when you graduate.

Streetvibes also brings you stories from other street papers from around the world, but we need you to help us share what is happening in our own city, to our own friends and neighbors. Add your voice to the dialogue and let’s celebrate making Cincinnati a better city for everyone.