Western & Southern still suing Anna Louise Inn


“Hey hey, ho ho, Western & Southern has got to go” shouted protesters on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 4th and Sycamore downtown.  About 35 protesters gathered outside of the Great American Tower built by Western & Southern Financial Group to send a clear message.  They are fed up with corporate greed and Western & Southern’s tactics.

The protesters were from the Anna Louise Inn as well as from SEIU.  Women from the Anna Louise Inn were there to speak out against Western & Southern due to the continual legal battle with the financial group who has filed lawsuits against the Anna Louise Inn in an attempt to take control of their building and relocate the Inn and it’s residents.

Shows of strong support for the Anna Louise Inn continue to take to the streets of Cincinnati. Photo: Kyle Holsinger-Johnson

Sister Mary Grafe a sister of charity member of the Church Women United and a self proclaimed volunteer activist is very concerned about what is happening to the Anna Louise Inn.  She said that it is “sad that a big corporation wants to tear down a historic building where women live.”  Further, she expressed alarm that “Western & Southern is going to take control of a building that provides important services to women and that there is a potential for these women to be displaced.”

Members from SEIU Local 1 union were there to speak out about Western & Southern as well.  The Great American Tower building is a non-union building for its workers, janitors and office cleaners, and the protesters gathered to highlight this reality.  They are concerned about their wages and that Western & Southern will make other buildings in the city non-union as well resulting in job loss for the union workers.

Albert Hogen, a SEIU Local 1 member, said he was out there protesting, “so our wages will not be cut, to get better benefits, and to stop the non-union from spreading.”

The protesters were lively and passionate about their messages and concern about Western & Southern’s practices and tactics.  It lasted for about an hour and concluded with statements to push for the continued action against the ill-mannered financial group.