From the Editor: So how’s the new look working out for you?

BY: JASON DEAN, Streetvibes Editor

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If you are a long time reader of Streetvibes you will be very familiar with the fact that this is the third issue to be printed with the new look design, or perhaps you are a new reader who bought the paper because it was a little more eye catching; either way, we at Streetvibes would really like to get some feedback on the new look and hear what you think. Please email your thoughts, whether negative or positive, to

As a publication we make no secret of our Progressive bias, history has shown time and time again that political lasses faire policies do little to preserve basic human rights and needs, and actually exacerbate the growing problem of homelessness in Cincinnati and indeed the world. Affordable housing for all is the simple solution to solving the major problems of homelessness; despite misconceptions of people on the streets being there due self-inflicted drug abuse or other such reasons, the reality is that most people experiencing homelessness are there because the rent became too much or their house was foreclosed. With the increase in bank foreclosures on homes, this is an issue that is seeping into what was once the middle class; the “American Dream” has been abruptly awoken from its blissful slumber.

The over used accusation of “Liberal Lies” might well get used against Streetvibes, but one of our missions is to report on the issues that go unnoticed by the mainstream media: locally, nationally, and internationally. In an age where people have increasingly become sedated by media bubbles that filter out opposing views, we try to offer a different perspective and give a voice to those whom are under represented.

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