It has occasioned my thoughts as to, why do people wait until the end of each year and then decide to create resolves for the coming year? Of course I have been guilty of the exact same thing in the past, only today I have a bit of a different view.

The idea that I need a resolve for some of the instances, issues, or troubles that affect my life is an ongoing phenomenon and cannot be solved by some yearly connotation of relief such as a new years resolution. The fact remains that I must encounter each episode as a fact at hand, and emplace whatever solution for resolve with immediacy, otherwise the issue becomes more instilled in my day to day reality then a mere connotation can satisfy.  Making a plan of resolve at a particular time in lieu of a particular occasion is to me quite ludicrous, in fact down right absurd in the sense that I think that I will be able implement the decree! Honestly, every resolution that I have ever made in the name of the New Years was soon forgotten! It’s as if we can just make an onhands decision about our shortcomings and then like magic they disappear with a few words. I would suggest that many resolutions are spontaneous and come from the tradition of making such pronouncements just for the occasion.

Now I wouldn’t want anyone to misunderstand me. I am not saying that one should not make a New Year’s resolution, only I feel that we should be more attentive to our plans, in so much as, saying that a resolution should always begin when the problem arises!  When I am troubled, the problem again, calls for immediate resolve, or at least some immediate sort of plan of action for relief. Usually a resolution is only momentary, and as soon as the moment passes the relief plan goes as well. The end result I have to keep resolving the same issues. Then, I also realize that each of us has to confront our shortcomings, and that there is no one solution for everyone or every problem, it just appeals to me that making a yearly resolve is not much of away to relief whatever dilemma I wish to overcome. We have to confront our issues, troubles, or problems from our oppositions and get the relief the best way we can! If it is no more then a mere resolve through a self- committed resolution, then we won’t necessarily have to commit ourselves year after year, and just think all our troubles will be over! So, I suggest that we be very careful about committing ourselves to the age -old tradition of New Years desolating and confront those issues as they come.

Well, I don’t want to attempt to dissuade anyone on their ideas or approach toward relief for their troubles etc. but that is they way I see resolve! Immediate like in right now! So as we began this New Year let us not be caught up in resolving that which has passed, but let us began the eradication of those shortcomings that we are to encounter throughout the year.

Peace, and let it be a good year for us all.