New year, a new look


So if you are a regular reader of Streetvibes you have probably noticed that there is something a bitdifferent about the cover, and if you are a new reader then it worked! For 2012 we are experimenting with ways to broaden the appeal of Streetvibes for two main reasons: to increase the economic opportunities of our distributors, and to reach more people in Cincinnati who need the news that the mainstream media chooses not to cover. The look of the cover may be different, but the mission of Streetvibes to champion issues of homelessness and other ongoing social justice concerns remains the same.

Coming out every two weeks, we clearly cannot cover everything that happens in Cincinnati on a daily basis, but we do seek to be Cincinnati’s alternative news source providing insights into topics that would otherwise go unreported. We are a progressive paper; we make no secrets of our agenda to support all the political and social movements that would bring about an end to homelessness. We support Occupy; we support the Anna Louise Inn; we support Green Peace; we support Amnesty International; we support many other such organizations. Streetvibes strives to amplify the voice of the progressive movement in Cincinnati and the world at large.

If this is the first time that you have purchased this paper, thank you. Your dollar donation is helping create job opportunities. Each Streetvibes distributor is essentially an entrepreneur, purchasing each paper from the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless for $0.25 and selling it for a dollar donation. Many Streetvibes distributors have experienced, or are experiencing, the harsh sting of homelessness and are working hard to support themselves.

To our regular readers, we also thank you. Your continued support has enabled us to carry on the much-needed work of reporting on issues of social justice. The struggle toward a day when all people can make a living wage and can live in affordable housing is a long contest, but like a runner in a marathon we continue to place one foot in front of the other and we don’t give up. We keep running; running for city councils; running for senates; running for presidencies; running for a day that we all have a fair chance of making that finish line.