Monthly Archive: January, 2012

Five national news stories to catch up on.

BY: JESSE CALL, Contributing Writer 1. A jury in Athens, Georgia is deciding whether or not to convict a man accused of targeting two women for rape, sodomy, and other sexual battery just… Continue reading

“My Kingdom for a Horse” Shakespeare [Richard III]

BY: JIM LUKEN, Contributing Writer Due to an odd set of circumstances, the Occupy Cincinnati group has found itself getting up-front-and-personal with several horses of late. No, we have not chosen to occupy… Continue reading

From the Editor: Strange days, but then aren’t they all?

BY: JASON DEAN, Streetvibes Editor Wednesday January 18, 2012 and Wikipedia goes offline for 24 hours in protest over the SOPA bill, and its cousin PIPA, that threatens to bring huge scale censorship… Continue reading

Keeping Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Dream Alive

BY: JASON DEAN, Streetvibes Editor If on April 4, 1968, Revered. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had survived being shot at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis he might have turned 83-years-old this month.… Continue reading

From the Director: Prevention vs. Response

BY: JOSH SPRING, GCCH Executive Director In 1982 in the whole country in the whole year it was estimated that between 250,000 and 500,000 people experienced homelessness.  Relative to national economics, the Reagan… Continue reading


BY: RICCARDO TAYLOR It has occasioned my thoughts as to, why do people wait until the end of each year and then decide to create resolves for the coming year? Of course I… Continue reading

The trials and tribulations of booking that music gig

BY: NICK GREVER With the closures of Covington’s Mad Hatter and Newport’s Southgate House this past year, local music fans have lost two major music venues. This has made many curious as to… Continue reading

Four national news stories to catch up on.

BY: JESSE CALL 1.  A man experiencing homelessness was brutally assaulted in Memphis, Tennessee, on Dec. 30, and police have yet to make any arrests. Michael Young, 35, remains hospitalized after he was… Continue reading

From Cincinnati to Las Cruces: an Occupy journal

BY: MARTHA STEPHENS I’m seventy four-years-old, but a lot younger in spirit than I was when the Occupations burst into being this summer, inspired mostly by vigorous young people less than half my… Continue reading

Meet the Meetup Guy

Every man [woman] is a good man [woman] in a bad world as he himself will tell you. William Saroyan, Armenian American playwright. Meet: Me. 67. Father of 4. Long-time writer and activist. Artistic… Continue reading