Urban Oasis: Updated Success of the Community Bowel Movement (Editorial)

by Catie Dargue

In the early morning of Monday August 8th two port-o-pottys were dropped off on the corner of 14th and Race Street in Over-the-Rhine. After months of asking 3CDC to honor their commitment to replace the public bathrooms that were closed when Washington Park shut down for construction, letters to local businesses, one public event and one demonstration all led to these two lovely new additions in the neighborhood.

A welcome sight for business owners, residents and people who work in Over-the-Rhine who have noticed an increase of public defecation and urination as a result of there being no public bathrooms in the vicinity. After hearing the plea of the people for the need of somewhere dignified to go to the bathroom Nast Trinity United Methodist Church opened their doors for a month to have people come in to use their toilets. They were overwhelmed by visitors and the need for a more permanent solution was imminent. In
the end, Nast Trinity United Methodist Church and Hyde Park United Methodist ended up footing half of the bill for the port-o-pottys and donating the land they now sit upon.

3CDC has come through to pay the other half of the expense and just like that, we have toilets. They are unlocked every morning at 7:30 a.m. and locked back up at 7:30 p.m. seven days a week until winter. They will close until the spring months where then they will be operational again until the park reopens in summer 2012.

This comes as wonderful news after all the effort put in to make the community aware of this issue, its solution and having people that care about this neighborhood rally together to get what was needed. We are thankful to Nast Trinity United Methodist Church, Hyde Park United Methodist and 3CDC for paying for this much needed facility which will restore many people’s dignity and in return help keep the neighborhood
safe and clean.

The Homeless Congress will make an effort to keep the area as clean as possible making everyone feel welcome.

So next time you’re in the 14th and Race area and you need to use the potty, think about what a special
potty it is and how many fought to get it there.