Poetry: The Prediction

by Willa Denise Jones

What would you do if you could predict your every tomorrow?

Remembering that tomorrow never comes, it’s always today, now that can bring some sorrow

Thinking of the changes that the people of the world are being subjected to

Remembering the day of the past is what I’ll always cherish for thinking today can be awe so cruel

Today there is a complete new set of words we as a people must learn

Words like: Shut ’em down, unemployment’s rising, evictions and homelessness, now I’m concerned

So do you believe that we could make a change in this world if we could predict our future?

Believe me being either a democrat, a republican or a socialist we all come up a loser

Believe that this is God’s world, somehow the world seems to have forgotten

Believe if we as mankind don’t come back to God we’ll all be lost, burned up and then turn rotten

To be able to predict tomorrow or for me to be a psychic honestly is not my choice

Now predict the readings of the Bible about God’s return I believe it’s time for the politicians to heed to God’s