My Distributor is…

My Streetvibes distributor is Julie Walker and I look forward to seeing her every Saturday morning when I go to Findlay Market. I arrive by 8:30 a.m. and get a newspaper and a hug from Julie. We talk about the weather or cooking or family for a minute, and then I get a cup of coffee in the market house and read the paper. Not sure what I like best, the paper or the hug. What a great way to start a Saturday with a kind word from Julie, a hug, a great newspaper and a cup of coffee.

Yesterday morning, I got a late start and didn’t arrive till 2 p.m. I couldn’t find Julie as she had left for the day but I had a chance to meet Willa Jones, another lovely lady and Streetvibes contributing writer and distributor. She told me that there is an important article in the paper about House Bill 159 and how it could hurt many homeless folks as they may not be able to vote. We had a great political conversation and then I was on my way. Every distributor has been a joy to talk to, and the paper always has great articles.

Thanks, Jean Sepat