Poetry: “Hoolieo”

by Willa Denise Jones

I ain’t Hoolieo I heard somebody say
I ain’t out here conning and tricking people for a raise in pay
I’m trying to give others respect as I want for myself
I’m trying to keep my lively hood open to the hand I’ve been dealt

I ain’t Hoolieo I heard another person say
I ain’t making up fairy tales trying to get sympathy for money today
I’m trying to be honest to people I meet along the street
I’m trying to receive God’s blessing with each heart beat

I ain’t Hoolieo I finally shouted clear out loud
I rebuke thee Hoolie and vanquish thee from my mind up to the clouds
So if things are not going your way and you feel a Hoolieo attack coming on
An urge to con, trick or lie to people for pay, just kick Hoolieo to the curb and curse the day he
was born!