Conditions of the Times

by Riccardo Taylor

When asked about the recession, the only response could be ‘what recession?’ That one word which we all need to whisper has its effects on a majority of the people, as there is a group of us who have no idea of to what recession they refer? The recess of life has plagued us from times that we cannot even remember!

In fact, for many of us the times are ideal, as it allows us to watch, as people scamper to adjust their lives to the conditions we have lived under for a time. Yet, the tale of the tape, if you will, is predicated on something much broader than that. Let us take a look at what all the fuss is about.

All of a sudden, many people are caught up in financial distress, not knowing how to overcome or to manage the newly created woes caused by government “under sight.” They find themselves in unfamiliar territory, at least where the power of the almighty dollar is concerned.

That which has always been routine now becomes conditioned! Foreclosure, civil suit for non-payment, financial disaster kicking at your front door pushing you to the edge, makes you want to put a gun to your head! The pressure can be more then one can stand!

Hard times, or are they? We have to take into account the reality of some people and that is to say the Street people. Now here we are, facing all the hardship of economics, at least that’s what they will have you believe only for those who know and live the lifestyle there is no real change. Life goes on as usual, you see, because if you didn’t have anything in the beginning then surely you cannot feel the pressure of losing what you have!

About a year ago someone asked me what do you think of the recession and before I weighed in on what was asked I answered with mischief, “what recession?” I had no concept of losing what I didn’t have so without consideration for what others may have lost I shrugged the question off. The nerve of that guy asking me about what I felt when I had been struggling over these past few years! I wasn’t bothered by the recession in the least! You see for those of us who suffer from not having or at best those of us who are used to struggling for everything we get there was no hardship! It’s business as usual: hustle or perish!

Nothing had changed and I didn’t have time for pity or empathy I had to get what I needed for the moment! For those of us who live the life of the street it’s never a moment of question, it’s do what you have to do! I realize that that doesn’t make a world of sense to many but think of it this way. When you are use to not having, or being without, then it doesn’t matter when you don’t have. It’s get what you can and don’t worry about the rest!

Of course I know every street person doesn’t feel that way yet that’s the norm for those of us who live this lifestyle. Our worries only count or come along when we need what we need right now! A sad life indeed, yet that’s the way of the world! Ah! Ah!

We have to look from a street perspective: what recession? Too often we have to learn to live the way it comes to us, not giving a thought about what others feel but what is in it for us! So we take it on the chin sort to speak and just keep keeping on. Yet, somehow I know and I think we all believe that there is another way, or that there is some hope. The bottom line is that we have to live life on life’s terms and get with the conditions of life.