Distributor Profile: A Poet Called Jones

by Willa Denise Jones

Fifty-four year old Willa Denise Jones, that’s me. I sell Streetvibes today because “the Vibe” is what saved my life!

Being homeless and on the street all alone, reading the paper made me understand that I wasn’t really alone. So I got involved and started writing poetry for the paper in order to be able to share my story with others. Writing about all the things I have been through and how God didn’t give up on me.

Today by the support of different organizations such as: The Off The Streets Program, Cincinnati Homeless Coalition, The Daily Bread, St. John Francisican and St. Vincent De’Paul, I was able to obtain housing for the first time in five years. The first being at the Anna Louise Inn on Lytle Place from a one room effiency to the one bedroom apartment I have now.

Knowing how far I have come and how blessed I have been, I now take pride in being a Contributing Writer for Streetvibes paper. When I am not writing, I do 500 to 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles as a hobby which make decorations for my walls.

I am presently trying to learn how to get my poetry published due to insufficient funds. I discovered a web site called “TRIOND.COM” where people can log on, read my poetry and be recognized as a poet.

So far my patience is indeed a virtue!

For now I will continue my mission of writing for the paper and continue to pray that God gives others the insight, the strength and understanding of living life one day life one day at a time as He has so gracefully blessed me with.