Poem: Appreciation

by Willa Denise Jones

Appreciation is a word that can be reckoned with

Appreciation is something we oftentimes consider a myth

Appreciation is something I give to God each day for living above ground

And for his blessing of putting people in my life so stable and sound

To understand just what it is that I as a person need to honestly appreciate

And to know that my mission of appreciation will not be a simple piece of cake

Through being jailed and being homeless not to mention in the world all by myself

I’ve learned to appreciate the hand that God to me has gracefully dealt

I’ve learned to never forget that past and look forward to each day even though not promised

I’ve learned to forgive but not forget and stop being a doubting Thomas

I recognize and therefore appreciate the changes my life has ultimately taken

I’ve learned to appreciate my faults for without them there would be no lesson

I’ve learned to recognize my shortcomings and not