The Understanding: Choose Life

by Willa Denise Jones

Understanding today about life and its meaning have come a very long way with me. I had to come into the understanding that there was nothing outside myself that could make my life better! I had to understand that I have a choice. To know that I was no longer incarcerated by my own being and no longer restricted by my own soul! I could either come into the realization that to live is right now because death is inevitable!

We as adults can never forget that growing up as children everything was external. As children we were nothing more than human sponges! Therefore, whatever the adults in our childhood fed us, we trustily ate. I believe that’s what they fed us became out internal instincts.

Through my growing school, jail, being homeless, I eventually came to the understanding ofthe meaning of choice. I had to understand that there is none other like me, only I could make the changes necessary to allow my uniqueness to shine. For I am unique! One of a kind! Understandingmy uniqueness, understanding I have choices in this world only justified my decision to live and not die!

These realizations seem to wake up my self esteem and many positive aspects for me. I suddenly remembered that I did go to church, I remembered some of the best teaching of the bible whether it was about Moses or Mohammand. My understanding of life today is G.O.D., meaning Good Orderly Direction!

I understand today that to live now is my only necessity, for why kill myself or commit suicide when death for all is a sure thing.

It’s gonna happen! To live is a job and I take it on with great pride. Keep in mind that you are the most important one and to know your size, your height, your weight, hair color and so forth is what makes you. So my meaning is my understanding that:

I Am Unique
I Am Blessed
I Am Living Until Death Do Me Part