Distributor Voice: Distributing Hope & Good News

My name is Lee McCoy. What I used to be would shock most people; I should have been dead quite a few times over during the 41 years when all I knew was jail, getting high, selling drugs and running drugs by trick or trade. That was the way of life for me back then, but now I am 59 years young thanks to the Lord.

But today let’s talk about a different Lee McCoy. I’m still a distrib¬utor on the streets, but now I sell Streetvibes and deliver some hope and good news, not only to my customers, but also to myself. For a little over two years I have had a purpose in my life and two big plusses. Firstly, I like meeting people and talking to people. Secondly, Streetvibes is a supplement to fix an income, so do the math and you’ll see it make Lee McCoy tick.

I am also a member of the Homeless Congress and interact with different organizations. My peer project is the Cold Shelter where I sit on the board and work with the finan¬cial planning. I am still new to this, almost like a baby to it, but I’ve never been a quitter, so despite challenges I’m going to stick with it. Like a child learning something for the first time I take my steps one at a time and I get better at what needs to be done.

I have been homeless too many times to list them all. I might not have everything I want but now I have a roof over my head; all my praises go to God and I am content.

Last year I took photos for the 2011 Day-by-Day calendar project and now I am taking new ones for the 2012 calendar. I hope that you’ll love my picture for the 2012 one as much, or if not more, than the one that appears in this year’s calendar.

I also write and contribute regular articles to Streetvibes. Ten have been published so far to my credit and I have one editorial. The inspiration for my writing has come from my faith in God, so if He is willing I shall write some more. Coming to a paper near you soon will be my twelfth piece, look out for it in a couple of weeks. But for now, “That’s all Folks!”