The Meaning

by Riccardo Taylor

Often we have to ask ourselves what is the meaning of life? And without the expectation of answers, we start a search. A search that starts outside of ourselves, always looking for answers before we even present a question. So, I ask, are the answers to life’s questions external as we often seem to think, or are they internal as the innate realms of our existence indicates?

Well I suppose the answer can only be determined by investigation of our thoughts and beliefs. Therefore, the meaning of life can be realized only through the searching of the self, in so much to say, embracing our uniqueness. The reality that everyone has uniqueness that is relative to everyone else, yet so different is, the epitome of being.

So you ask, what is it that I am talking about exactly? Well, the simplest of answers is the meaning of life.

What is life? Beyond the biological and mental, life is a series of ups and downs, wins and losses. Some say it’s what you make it while others says life makes you. So, the meaning will be as varied as the individuals.

Far too often we are looking for those external elements to give us true meaning, only to find in time that those elements fade, or become outdated and we need to find replace¬ments in order to satisfy their meanings. We continue to seek relief from our stresses focusing on the symptoms instead of the causes. Again, those outside factors which make things much more difficult to control, we seemingly can never conclude, keep us from ever concluding exactly what it is that creates our problems.

We can play the blame game and never accept the responsibility; if only the world would change so that it would fit the way I would like it to be! Something is always going wrong, and I know it has to be everybody and every thing but me! So the question remains! What is the meaning of life?

The idea of taking on responsibility has to play a part. We keep seeing that all those ifs, and, why’s continue to come out the same way! It’s the what’s, how’s and when’s that we have to account for. It is for that reason we have to stop looking for the meaning of life outside of us, and start to look for the meaning from within.

Keeping up with the Jones’ makes you feel good but does it satisfy or take care of the things you need? Our indulgence of everything that appeals to our senses leads to discomforts and troubles. Immediate gratification comes from the outside, while true pleasure comes from within.

Oh! finding that exact combination of the external and internal to grasp the correct formula for searching the self is in finality the only path for discovering the true meaning of life. So we search!

Although I search with the tools of understanding I also am confounded by the meaning of life.