Radical Comic: Illustrator Seth Tobocman shares his powerful vision with Streetvibes

by Jeni Jenkins

At a recent dinner party I had the pleasure of meeting Seth Tobocoman who was in Cincinnati for a book release event. When I explained that I worked for a street paper and that I was interested in covering a story on the upcoming event, he offered to let me reproduce some of his art in the paper. After a brief discussion about the work we do, he decided to draw an image on the spot representing our people and our movement. I’m excited to include this art here, as well as another piece he shared. Stay tuned in the next edition for a complete story on this radical comic and more graphics.

For more information about Seth Tobocman visit http://www.sethtobocman.com.

A special drawing by Seth Tobocman for Streetvibes

Artwork by Seth Tobocman