Mark Twain Was Right

Stories from the 2001 Cincinnati Riots and Unrest is a soon to be released graphic novel about United States’ first urban uprising in
the 21st century

by Dan Moore, author and illustrator

The story is told in a series of first-person perspectives from people who became intimately involved, from community leaders to random bystanders.

Tying these narratives together is commentary by the author himself, then a budding radical teenager who finds the urban unrest influencing his life. Drawing on
interviews and primary resources, a picture is painted of how one kid’s solitary death in a ghetto alley grows to impact every resident of the region.

Mark Twain Was Right follows the sometimes contradictory and hard-to-comprehend developments from the day of the killing to Thomas’s funeral six days later, including the marches, posturing, organizing, brutality, looting, prayer, curfews and analysis that commanded international attention, inspiring ghetto residents and tormenting city leaders.

A clip for Dan Moore's graphic novel

Another clip from dan Moore's graphic novel