Making Music for a Cause

Streetvibes thanks Tyler Walton and Point Five

by Susan Lakes

Musician Tyler Walton saw a need close to home and helped. The Mason High School senior picked the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition as recipient of the proceeds made when his band performed at the 86 Club the first weekend in May.

Walton’s performance with a band called Point Five met the requirements for a high school multicultural class assignment. A lot of his friends in the class picked causes and charities in other countries. Tyler’s money, though, will stay right here at home.

“The Homeless Coalition seemed like the right way to go,” he said. “I wanted to pick something you could do today.”

By that, he meant he wasn’t interested in picking a fund recipient he hasn’t met. He and at least one other band member have met homeless people.

“We’ve seen people outside asking for money,” said Chris Reynolds, guitarist for Point Five. “We help every chance we get because we realize how hard it is.” Reynolds once offered a homeless person a lift in his car, and Walton helps every chance he gets.

“It’s a group that doesn’t have a voice,” Walton said about his motivation for giving to the local coalition. “They know what best to do with the money so that it helps the homeless.”

Walton continued, “What better way to help the homeless than to play music and raise money.”

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