Monthly Archive: April, 2011

When the Greed for Oil Ignores Peak Oil

Leigh Waltz’s recent art is public “emergency” art Saad Ghosn, Artists as Activists “We can’t decide on our destination, we can only try to decide on our journey,” says Leigh Waltz. Waltz’s journey… Continue reading

Women Helping Women

Artists as Activists Saad Ghosn, Contributing Writer Barbara Houghton’s photographs are about her as a woman, and about women in general. “I am a person alive who looks at and questions our humanity,”… Continue reading

Challenging Problematic Systems to Improve Relationships

Artists as Activists  By Saad Ghosn Rod Northcutt uses animals and nature to reference social concerns “Once your eyes are open and awakened to social reality, you cannot escape it anymore,” says Rod… Continue reading