Monthly Archive: November, 2010

Drawing for Peace

Steve Sunderland’s Artistic Vocabulary By Saad Ghosn Contributing Writer “A question always haunts me: What am I doing for peace?” says Steve Sunderland, an artist, writer and professor of social work at the… Continue reading

Marching, Remembering, Demanding

Homeless Awareness Week in Cincinnati By Carly Tamborski Citizens marched Oct. 16 through downtown Cincinnati and Over-the-Rhine to demand an end to homelessness, a positive resolution for gentrification and reasonable wages. The march,… Continue reading

Art Inspired by Race, Riots and Rap

Terence Hammonds’s sub-cultural view By Saad Ghosn In his first year of college, Terence Hammonds was asked to do a cultural portrait of himself; he did not know what to do. The assignment,… Continue reading

I Snuck in on the Dalai Lama

Even mystical security has its weaknesses By Gregory Flannery The “self” is an illusion, according to the Dalai Lama, so it’s fitting that I saw him under false pretenses, passing the security checkpoint… Continue reading