Monthly Archive: October, 2010

‘Let’s Go Somewhere Primitive’

Seth Ewing Huff wants to think about it By Ariana Shahandeh Seth Ewing Huff, one-fourth of the band The Retros, started by lead singer Mia Carruthers, began his solo music project, Archer’s Paradox,… Continue reading

Women Flee, and White Men Can’t Think

A modest proposal to end electile dysfunction By David Heitfield My secret high-school crush was a beautiful, intelligent woman who was way out of my league. She was my little red-haired girl (although… Continue reading

Union Gets Slaughtered in Vote

Intimidation at meat plant or lack of interest? By Carly Tamborski Employees of Tri-State Beef, one of the last major slaughterhouses in Cincinnati, voted Oct. 1 to reject union membership. The vote was… Continue reading

A Father’s Fight, a Father’s Art

Andy Fausz’s struggle for justice By Saad Ghosn “Art is a part of me,” says Albert Andrew Fausz Jr., also known as Andy. “It is like the heart that beats to keep me… Continue reading

Serving the Ministry of Irritation

A woman priest works for reform By Gregory Flannery People gather at an undisclosed location to celebrate Mass. They face persecution if they are caught – not from the state, as in the… Continue reading

Exploring her ‘Two-ness’

Ellen Price finds unity in art By Saad Ghosn As the light-skinned child of a bi-racial marriage – mother white and father African-American – the subject of race always proved both non-existent and… Continue reading

Cost of Justice: $42,000 an Hour

Is Hamilton County prosecuting too often? By Eli Braun “ ‘Small potatoes’ is no defense,” a judge tells a defendant in a recent New Yorker cartoon. And while “small potatoes” might be a… Continue reading

Homeless Families on the Rise

But community services are increasing By Jeremy Flannery The number of homeless families continues to rise in the United States, according to the 2009 Annual Homelessness Assessment Report to Congress by the U.S.… Continue reading