Monthly Archive: June, 2010

Sex Offender Law Unconstitutional

Ohio Supreme Court rejects retroactivity and fear By Eli Braun The Ohio Supreme has struck down an Ohio law that increased the reporting requirements for thousands of Ohioans convicted of sex offenses. The… Continue reading

The Interplay of Fear, Love and Light

Gena Grunenberg re-creates the world By Saad Ghosn “Early on I realized that art was the only thing I needed to maintain sense of myself – also to make sense of the world,”… Continue reading

Unhappy Anniversary for the Atomic Bomb

Anti-nuclear activists want it to retire By Jeremy Flannery This summer is the 65th anniversary of the first and only use of atomic bombs in wartime. In 1945 the United States used atomic… Continue reading

Flags and Penises

Aaron Kent’s provocative art By Saad Ghosn “I do not see myself as special or different from anyone else” says Aaron Kent. “I am just an artist who enjoys what he does. My… Continue reading

A Scene from Melbourne, Australia

Tell me: Do You Want to Hold Me?

Buy a street paper, help end homelessness By Gregory Flannery Melbourne, Australia – Clarity arrived on the final day of the 15th annual conference of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP). “We… Continue reading