The Awesome Power of Dreams

by Jesse Call

Isn’t it time we realized we live in an awesome world?

Often when you pick up a newspaper like Streetvibes, you find yourself reading terrible things such as community developers that pay only lip service to the members of the community the are trying to develop, city and county leaders trying to push out those experiencing homelessness for someone else to deal with, homelessness being as big as any natural disaster this country has ever seen or that you can’t even offer food to people experiencing homelessness if they happen to be in a Cincinnati park.

But even with all those woes, there is something inspirational about our world.

There is something inspirational about the vendor who stands on the streetcorner wearing a clown nose and doing a dance to get you to buy a paper. There is something inspirational about seeing someone experiencing homelessness giving something of his own to help another on the streets.

Some of the most wise and insightful observations I have ever received have come from people who you would expect to curse God and the world for all the struggles they are still going through. But most times they don’t. Instead, they continue to appreciate life and act on dreams to make their world better. They have the more beautiful view of the world.

A truly exceptional children’s book by California author Dallas Clayton again reminded of the joy of simplicity and what focusing on the imagination and dreams can do. The book, which he first created for his son’s eyes only, is An Awesome World.

It offers inspiration to the young and old. Using creative and imaginative illustrations, Clayton showed his son that the world is in need of dreamers once again–dreamers focused on a life of joy and not a life that is better than someone else’s.

Using those simple words and beautiful images, he shares that message now with everyone through the Very Awesome World Foundation. For every book sold on the website,, the foundation provides a free copy to someone who needs inspiration.

There are places in the world where people do not dream or dream of silly things, Clayton writes. But those places aren’t where we would expect – with those enduring the poverty crisis in our country. There are many dreams in those places. Dreams of heaven. Dreams of friendships. Dreams of open parks and clean streets.

All too often the places where people do not dream or dream of silly things are the corporate offices of the skyscrapers we see, the perfectly matching bedrooms in our homes or the classrooms of our colleges and universities. Dreams of bonuses and new bosses. Dreams of plasma screen TVs and foot massagers. Dreams of mediocre jobs in a field that is hiring and dreams of being allowed to use size 14 font this time.

The sound advice that Clayton gave to his son is, “Please dream for those who’ve given up, for those who never tried. Please use your dreams to make new dreams for all the dreams that died.” Advice we should all take.

Look around. Are there dreams around you that are alive and matter? If not, maybe you need to take a look at An Awesome Book and see what it inspires.