Monthly Archive: May, 2010

Cincinnati’s Marijuana Law Fiasco

Whites use pot, blacks get arrested By Eli Braun In most of Hamilton County and Ohio, possessing a small amount of marijuana is a “minor misdemeanor,” the lowest level offense. If you are… Continue reading

Fragrant Messages from Fairies

Mystery for sale at the Psychic Festival By Anne Skove Who knew the paranormal could be so darned normal? As the person most likely to finish “If you can’t say anything nice” with… Continue reading

Anti-Semite Launches Precinct Campaign

Bashing Jews and selling health products By Gregory Flannery A Republican Party activist in Cincinnati says Jews were responsible for the Holocaust. Jim Condit Jr. – the star of The Nazi-Zionist Connection: The… Continue reading

The Awesome Power of Dreams

by Jesse Call Isn’t it time we realized we live in an awesome world? Often when you pick up a newspaper like Streetvibes, you find yourself reading terrible things such as community developers… Continue reading