Streetvibes Wins “Best Feature Story”

Andy Freeze (left), executive director of NASNA and Gregory Flannery (right), editor of 'Streetvibes'

Andy Freeze (left), executive director of NASNA and Gregory Flannery (right), editor of 'Streetvibes'

The North American Street Newspaper Association (NASNA) held its annual conference in Denver last week.

NASNA honored Streetvibes with the Best Feature Story Award for “We Are Their Slaves,” a June 2008 report on the exploitation of Latino workers in Greater Cincinnati. This is the article that won a similar award in May from the International Network of Street Papers.

At the awards ceremony, Editor Gregory Flannery pointed out that the plaque contained an error: It only contained one person’s name, when in fact many people contributed to this article. Among them are Margo Pierce, who conducted the initial interviews that made the story possible; Andrew Anderson, who took the photographs that accompanied the article; Georgine Getty, former executive director of the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless, who held fast when three lawyers threatened to sue if Streetvibes published the article; Andy Freeze, who designed the layout for the story; Jeremy Flannery, who transcribed several interviews with the workers; Streetvibes vendors, who put the story into the hands of readers; and most important, the exploited workers themselves, who had the courage to speak out.

We are grateful to NASNA, our contributors and supporters and our readers for helping us achieve this success.