Approximately 2,000 low income people could lose their homes in the next week….UNITE WITH US!!

Fay apartments needs to be drastically renovated or HUD will shut it down. 700 families live there which represents perhaps 2000 or more people. These families are disproportionately with a low income and Black. This will take about 30 million dollars. This money is to come from a group consisting of HUD, a developer (?) and the city of Cincinnati. HUD is ready to go and as soon as the city actually votes to follow through and disperse the money to the project, the renovation will begin. The problem is, of course, there are groups in this area who are against the renovation and the actual existence of Fay. It seems that Westwood Concern, Westwood Civic and North Fairmount Community Council have all voted against the renovation (and therefore for the closing and displacement of 700 families).

Ok, with all of this said. Westwood Concern especially and also some other groups tend to have a significant amount of sway with some members of city council. This will be presented in council next Wednesday the 10th at 2pm and come to a vote in the Finance Committee Monday, June 15th at 1pm. If it passes there it will go to full council Wednesday June 17th at 2pm. This must pass both committee and then council or 700 families will be kicked out of housing. Clearly we cannot allow this to happen. It is thought that Cecil Thomas, Laketa Cole, Roxanne Qualls and David Crowley will be with us (we need to make sure). It is thought that Chris Monzell will definitely not be with us, Chris Bortz, Jeff Berding and Leslie Ghiz could very likely go against us if groups like Westwood Concern way in and that Greg Harris could sway and perhaps likely toward opposing us as he is from the area of the groups who oppose us.

Apparently there is a strong, organized group of tenants at Fay, we need to connect with them and organize with them. Several large groups including AMOS, Faith Community Alliance, ACORN, CAA, NAACP, Baptist Misters and CUFA have said they will be involved. We need to get TUT involved. We need to organize with those already living and working in Fay. And we need to put pressure on council and then show up on the dates.

Start making calls to council-people. Stay tuned for updates and possibly a large strategy meeting. Call or contact through any method, at any time, for anything. We, Once again, Will Win. Josh

Josh Spring LSW
Executive Director
Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless
117 E. 12th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Office: 513-421-7803 ext. 13
Cell: 513-716-7455