We Need Some Things Redone So We Can Get a Lot Done

Cincinnati School Board agreed to renovate Rothenberg Elementary.  Photo by Lynne Ausman

Cincinnati School Board agreed to renovate Rothenberg Elementary. Photo by Lynne Ausman

I want to save Rothenberg.
How in the world could you leave it like that?
Here at Vine tiles on the floor are missing, doors are broke, the heat doesn’t always work.
The bathrooms are dirty, nasty, and it stinks.
There are holes in two of my classroom’s ceiling, and when it rains water falls through.
That distracts me from my learning.
We should not have to worry about our safety every time we come to school.
We are very low on supplies.
Will you please help us?
The electrical problems are destroying our learning time.
This school at Vine is a complete wreck!
We found a dead rat in the closet.
We don’t want to be scared of bugs that are around the building.
We just want to be able to concentrate on our schoolwork and our teacher.
I don’t think that we deserve to be one of the few schools without a renovated school.
The school is not a good look for the students and staff.
When people come here, they might think that this is a bad school because it looks crazy.
I think that they need to do as they said and fix up Rothenberg.
Even though it’s over 100 years old it’s okay.
My mother used to go to this school when she was a kid.
Students downtown need a nice, clean school.
I feel like it’s not fair that almost every school has been renovated and ours has not!
The board has been talking about renovating for at least five years.
Students need bigger classrooms because it helps them to be more organized.
We need some things redone so we can get a lot done
And not worry about the wrong things.
Rothenberg deserves to be renovated because it’s been sitting there rotting
to the point where it might end up falling.
Old Rothenberg is very big.
There will be more students going there.
It won’t feel overcrowded.
People who live up on the street can just walk to school.
Parents won’t have to worry about having to find transportation.
I think it’s better to have a nice looking school for my little sister to go to.
It will be a better learning environment.
It’s a great place to have recess and is safe for children to not run in the street.
We work hard for our education.
You should not knock down old Rothenberg.
If you knock down the old Rothenberg, it would be hard to find the company to help knock it down since they are firing people off their job.
Where will the kids all go who live in this area?
If you really care, you will find it deep down in your hearts to make a change.
Everyone in the community will really appreciate what you have done.
I hope I just persuaded you to renovate the Old Rothenberg.
Even though I won’t be here anymore, it is important to still have a better school.
When I get older, I would want my kids to go to a good school.
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read my letter.

From letters written to CPS School Board by seventh- and eighth-grade Students at Rothenberg on Vine. Lines compiled and arranged by Bonnie Neumeier from OTREPS, April 13, 2009.