Extra Extra

The October Streetvibes is in the hands of Streetvibes vendors today.  October is our election special with information about the presidential race, county commissioners, and the many ballot initiatives.

Ain’t Gonna Take It: Social service agencies sue over an attack by city council.

Eight Minutes:  Barb Wolf, prisoner #1314546, talks about her experience in the Hamilton County Justice Center for 10 days.

Election Coverage:  Articles on the race for county commissioner, president of the United States and ballot initiatives.

Hammered: Monthly column by Michael Henson on poverty and addiction looks a denial.

The Homeless Con:  Larry Gross reinforces the importance of buying Streetvibes from a Streetvibes vendor who has their badge.

Homeless Hero: Don Henry, pictured on the cover of last month’s Streetvibes, passed away on September 12.  He was at the center of the bridge sweeps in 2003 and is remembered as “a father, a brother and a son, a mentor and a friend.  He was a poet, a joker, and an occasional pain in the butt.  He was loyal and he told the truth, even to power – especially to power.”

That and much more in the new issue of Streetvibes.  Remember to buy your copy from a vendor wearing their badge.