Monthly Archive: September, 2008

Teens Beat Homeless

With a rise in attacks against the homeless by teenagers, organizations are working to educate high school students about the realities of homelessness.  The Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless has a speaker’s… Continue reading

Wind damage from Ike in OTR

Sunday brought large wind gusts and lots of damage to buildings in Over-the-Rhine.  A building next to Grammers caught fire, buildings surrounding Findlay Market caught fire, and the historic St. Paul’s church almost… Continue reading

Addict’s Almanac part 2

The Addict’s Almanac –Episode 2 of a diary series.  For the first in this series see the September issue of Streetvibes. Tye Dowdy is 33 years old and lives in Portland, USA. In… Continue reading

“Kicking It” airs tonight on ESPN

Tune in to the World broadcast premier of Kicking It, September 9th on ESPN2 at 9pm EST. This ground-breaking documentary follows six players from around the world as they prepare to participate in… Continue reading

Social Service Agencies Challenge Cincinnati Council Resolution

A collection of social service agencies from Over the Rhine and West End are challenging a resolution passed 8 to 1 by Cincinnati City Council.  A press conference will be held Wednesday September… Continue reading

Voices of Women

Join the YWCA, the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless, the League of Women Voters, Women Writing for a Change, and Ohio Votes on Fountain Square Monday September 15 at 5pm. This is… Continue reading

Barb Wolf and the Myth of the Overcrowded Jail

Remember all the talk about the need for a new jail? Hamilton County found room to lock up Barbara Wolf for 10 days. She committed no crime other than peacefully protesting the war… Continue reading