New Streetvibes Hits the Streets on Friday

The September edition of Streetvibes will hit the streets on Friday. Stories include:

A Sweeping Change: A look back at the bridge sweeps of 2003 and how police now work with homeless advocates to help move people into shelter and housing.

The Best Justice You Can Afford: A look at a recent report on the Hamilton County Public Defender’s office.

Eight Minutes: Saad Ghosn screams his political and social concerns for all to see.

Day Laborers Counting on Council’s Promise: The Day Labor Organizing Project has been working with Cincinnati City council and Rumpke to secure day labor workers a living wage.

Gated Communities for the Homeless: Shelters and soup kitchens are seeing very high numbers for the summer which is forcing many people to sleep on the streets, which is illegal. Underpasses once used for sleeping are being fenced off at a cost of $15,000. (This article is printed in full on the previous blog post)

Addict’s Almanac: Tye Doudy is 33 years old and lives in Portland. His stories are all true and told in the hopes that others might learn from his mistakes. This is the first in a series of articles about his life. Look for the first one in the September Streetvibes and the others to be printed on this blog.

Editorial: Feds Play the Numbers Game: The federal government released numbers showing that chronic homelessness was down 30%. Read how they were able to play with the numbers to depict what they wanted to show.

And many other great news stories and columns all in September’s Streetvibes. Look for a vendor in downtown Cincinnati or Clifton.

-Andrew Freeze