New Streetvibes Today

Check out the newly redesigned August Streetvibes which comes out today. Check out articles regarding the sick leave referendum and what that would mean for low wage workers and their employers.

Greg Flannery reports on the social service impaction resolution passed by city council that moves to limit human service agencies in communities.

Lynne Ausman reports on the progress being made towards creating a nonprofit labor hall where workers would have higher wages and possible job training programs.

Also included are stories on how low income and homeless individuals plan on voting this November.

Margo Pierce writes about the Breakfast brigade and the work they do starting at 2:30am on Thursday mornings.

Michael Henson shares how some painkillers create new pain in communities throughout Cincinnati and guest columnist Tyrone Williams, a Xavier professor, shares why it is time to rethink the goals and methods of public education.

All that and more in the new edition of Streetvibes. Look for a vendor downtown, or in the Clifton area.